Spinach and Ricotta Pie

As usual on saturday I go to the farmers market and buy too much stuff. So on Wednesday I am still left with this wonderful sheep ricotta made by these very sweet mother and daughter from Artena and 1 kg of fresh spinach that I had already cooked. Instead of using salt I like to use my dried tomatoes that I buy from Agriblea, an organic tomato farm . So I made a very light Spinach and Ricotta pie.

So here we go:

For the shortcrust pastry

200 g wholewheat flour

pinch of salt

70 ml extra virgin olive oil

60 ml cold water

for the filling

250 ml fresh sheep ricotta

1 spoonful dried tomato paste

1 egg

700 g fresh spinach boiled, well drained and cut very small

First make the shorcrust pastry

Mix Flour, salt and oil in a mixer until it resembles breadcrumbs

Add cold water and mix well, take out of the mixer and work by hand, just to make a smooth dough ball

Wrap in cling film and keep in fridge for 30 minutes

While the dough is resting in the fridge

Mix the ricotta, the spinach, egg, dried tomatoes in a bowl.

Turn (I have gas) oven to about 180 degrees

Roll out the dough, I find it easier to roll it out directly on the parchment paper that is going to line the pie dish so you don't have to handle it once it is rolled out. Place it in a pie dish and fill with the ricotta and spinach mix.

Cook for about 1 hour.

Leave it to rest for at least 15 minutes before you eat it.

I like to eat it with a beetroot and carrot salad seasoned with tahini sauce and lemon and alfaalfa sprouts as a topping

#spinach #shortcrust #ricotta #driedtomatoes

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